Without providing the Job Opportunity or exposing the students to the environment which is conducive to getting a substance, all big talks of imparting professional education is rendered in fructuous. We cater to the job requirements of the students or arrange for OJT (On Job Training) that gives students a chance to work in an organization for a fixed duration and subject their knowledge, they have acquired in class rooms, to the test of harsh ground realities. OJT in some cases has fructified into good job offer.

We have succeeded in providing summer training to 50% students of Fashion Designing, 70% students of Interior Decoration and about 70% Final year students of BBA. Cell is liaising with some other renowned companies, the figures is expected to go up further.

The changing styles of garments have given impetus to the burgeoning Indian Textiles and Fashion Industry. Readymade garments and fashion business have been multiplying in all the directions Tailors and skilled workers patternmakers, Sewers, trimmers are already available. Stylists, sketchers, designers, supervisors, quality control managers and fashion coordinators too are in abundance. However, most of them do not have any formal education and training. They learn through personal experience and trial and error method.