Activity Club

As per the instructions of Department of Higher Education, the institute has formed twelve activity clubs. Each club looks after the concerned activity. Student’s active participation is the main attraction. Round the year various programmes and activities are conducted. Each club has a teacher incharge as convener.

1 Book Reading Club Dr. Sadhana Zanzari
2 Yoga Club Dr. Sadhana Zanzari
3 Creative Writing Club Dr. Aparna Banik
4 Idea Club Dr. Aparna Banik
5 Environmental Awareness Club Dr. Sarita Mundra
6 Cleanliness and Repair Club Dr. Sarita Mundra
7 Debate Club Dr. Hema Mishra
8 Personality Development Club Dr. Hema Mishra
9 Computer Awareness Club Dr. Sunita Totla
10 Language Improvement Club Dr. Sunita Totla
11 Media  and Publication Club Dr. Sangeeta Maheshwari
12 Social Activity Club Dr. Sangeeta Maheshwari